Kitesurfing Level 2 – Intermediate

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Mastering the Body drag techniques.
It is pulled by the kite in water, in a manner
controlled without board, controlling the kite force, body position and direction of the
same, controlling the kite force with both hands and, feeling the force to the harness;
Master re-launch the kite water of several possible form;
Making routes downwind (downwind) in the water body in drag;
Detailed change direction in water;
Learn and practice self-rescue in the water;
Dominate the kite in body drag with the board in his hand;
Understand the de-power system and how to tune it;
Realize the system of lines and how it works;
Knowing the Safety Rules

Kitesurfing Level 2 – Intermediate (3 hours)

Price – 100€ (group)

Price – 160€ (private)

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